If you are looking for DJ MO say in a jail, hospital or another country, you may not find me. Beside the Kikuyu Ballard singer Sammy Muraya, I also go by the same names though we have no relations whatsoever. Promise. But from the name, I coined my Dj name, Mo!

My combination of trust in God, my passion for music and DJing skills helped me to take on the challenge. I was first runners up controversially. I was not always a DJ. My love for good music saw me do a short stint as a rapper and a street dancer.

I met DJ Nevz and through Spinrej I started working my way into the DJ I am today. With Spinrej I got gigs at Hope FM, HOT 96 and later the first DVJ on KTN's Off tha Hook show. I left Spinrej in 2009 to form SYSTEM UNIT.

Soon after, my love for music pulled me into the world of serious DJing and I entered my first DJ battle 2010 Mfalme; this proved to be something grand With a prestigious panel of judges, including Djs from CodeRed,Inferno and MOB a show case of talent was inevitable.

Considering I was the only Christian DJ to make it to top 10 of over 200 DJs country wide, that was my ultimate test.

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